About the farm


About Springhill

Springhill Flower Farm was established in 2020 in Bernardsville, New Jersey on a parcel of land that was once a gentleman's farm perched on a scenic vista atop the Bernardsville mountain. In 1892 the property was created as 'Overcross' and served as a summer retreat for a city dwelling family.

The site of Springhill Flower Farm once included a vineyard, orchards of peaches, plums, pears and apricots as well as formal and informal gardens filled with rose and peony beds and cedar and privet hedges all surrounded by English ivy.  There was also a wild garden filled with evergreens, rhododendron, violets and other woody species. These lovely gardens were intersected by a babbling brook and a trout pond.

Our Mission

The mission of Springhill Flower Farm is to make everyday a special occasion, worth celebrating, that's why we set out to restore this quintessential setting for all to enjoy via the beautiful organic blooms that we grow on this magical parcel of land. We believe that flowers have the unique ability to bring joy, hope and beauty to everyone they touch. We take great pleasure in creating something beautiful that will connect our customers with nature.